Vision & method


Imagine, design and develop connected products & services together.

EXOSKILLS guides you in the design and the development of your connected products and services. Our working method is built around the standards of « lean startup »: it is agile, transparent and iterative. Our approach is built in total partnership with you to fully control knowledge, costs and deadlines.

Thereby, in perfect compliance with your needs, you are provided with a dedicated team of experts who conceive, design, develop and test the connected services and products with one goal in mind: eradicate any functional and emotional interference to provide your future users with a direct and efficient access.


Connected product
or service.
Prospective / Benchmark
Creation of an innovative
Creation of
business model
UX and product
Technical support
Quality testing
  • Usuability
    Comfort value
  • Learning benefit
    Projection value
  • Emotional benefit
    Relation value
  • Time/cost gain
    Performance value
  • Service value
    Innovation value


We have created agile and «human centric» methods.

The benefits sought in these new digital practices should help understand and facilitate human activity, as much as increase and improve it. The projects we work on meet these criteria: our methodology is consistent with this approach.

Create a value of practical and substantial use with positive tools!


Based on fundamental values for a sustainable partnership.

Our methodology is based on four pillars:

  • Reciprocation
  • Agility
  • Exploration
  • Transparency

Our entire relationship with the project ecosystem (employees, suppliers, partners…) is led by these basics. Our business model is based on the principle of win/win and «grow together»: it is the root of our corporate culture.

  • exploration
  • agility
  • Proaction
  • Cost control
  • Reactivity
  • mobile
  • wearable
  • robot
  • connected object
  • connected environment
Connected “human” environment
data I UX I new use I innovation


On and around human.

Whether it is an application or a connected space, we are excited by all interactions. Our mission is to reveal the added value of all digital touch points and then dream up a fluid and maximized user experience. This is why we work in areas as diverse as sports, automotive or banking: each topic deserves human-centered thinking.