CIC Connected Bank

Our mission was to guide the CIC through the process of conception and creation of the Place de l’innovation. It is a connected agency dedicated to counsel young entrepreneurs and startupers.


CIC Place de l’innovation

CIC Place de l’innovation is a meeting place for the CIC, its clients and new entrepreneurs. This agency was imagined to invent a new approach to business relationships between banks and startups. It is a connected workspace where counselors come on a daily basis and where startupers can greet their own clients for a meeting.

  • 1
    • Informations
    • Prise de RDV
    • Vitrine interactive
    • First contact
    • Com externe
  • 2
    • Accueil
    • RDV informels
    • Espace accueil
    • Tweet wall
    • Box connectée
    • Mur de lettres
  • 3
    • RDV formels
    • Mise en relation
    • Bureau connecté
    • Paperboard
    • Data connect
  • 4
    • Signature
    • Officialisation
    • Bureau de confidentialité


A several steps pathway

The user experience is built in 4 pillars:

  • Discovery: Access to the information thanks to an interactive window display and through a first contact point.
  • Immersion: an informative reception desk and connected booth made for informal exchanges.
  • Creation: A working desk fitted out for long distance meetings and equipped with a specific tool designed to put CIC clients through.
  • Achievement: A discrete area built to sign contracts confidentially.
  • First Contact

    is a contact application which allows you to sort according to people who have a meeting, people who wish to have one and people who simply need more information.

  • Tweet wall

    is a connected screen close to the reception desk. It live broadcasts current activities of the CIC Twitter account and accounts of those supported by the CIC.

  • Smart Kapp

    is a new generation paperboard that allows you to share content written on your smartphone, tablet and computer in a very simple and intuitive manner at a distance away.

  • Interactive Window Display

    is an informative experience made to attract the attention of passers-by.

  • Letter Wall

    is a mural display composed of alphabet letters that light up to bring out strong values related to the CIC and entrepreneurship.

  • Data Connect

    is an application dual screen that can be controlled with a tablet. The aim is to put startupers and CIC clients through thanks to contact forms sending.

  • visual contact
  • social info
  • connected meeting
  • tangible action
client 1
client 2


Custom-made digital workshops

The need of creating a unique bond with startupers brought us to build tools fitted to banking. Those tools had to be useful to reinforce this dynamic of new relationship. Data Connect Application is a great example as it allows you to put CIC clients and startupers through thanks to contact forms sending. Thus, they can communicate easily on their respective ideas.


A connected architecture

We worked in partnership with an interior architect, Éditions Limitées by Jorge Grasso. We designed a place where technologie is not a constraint to daily work but is an integral part of the environment. The workshops had been imagined to be more intuitive in their way of use so that they can live in an autonomous way (switch between sources, screens programmation, remote access updates…).


Nicolas, Simon et Michel

First, Michel and Simon guided the CIC with the organization of several workshops to define the positioning and the functionalities of the place. Then, Nicolas worked on the development of workshops with different supports (mobile application, desktop application, website …).




Michel Bianco-Levrin

Founder & Chief Executive

Serial entrepreneur and Creative Director for 12 years. His digital communication agency, Diplomatic Cover joined Publicis Group in 2012. 2015 creation of Exoskills to change the world!

Nicolas Haupt

Chief Software Engineer — Associate

UTC educated engineer, he worked for both startups and digital agencies. His motto: «Innovate everyday!»