Our mission was to define UX and usage rules in order to make ENGIE digital ecosystem homogeneous according to their brands, platforms and subjects.



A UX and Design guide.

The EDD (ENGIE Material Design) is a document gathering all design rules concerning identity, usage and content shared to every subsidiary of the group. This guide has been conceived to help each branch create homogeneous digital cross-platform supports. At the same time they have the possibility to adapt their content according to their needs and users.


Cross-sector approach, clarity, modularity and guidance.

EDD is based on 4 main principles : The cross-sector approach, clarity of the UX, modularity of its content and user guidance. Thus, EDD provides design elements meeting these big principles so that all usage frictions might be eliminated.


A document that gathers all the rules.

Every subsidiary and partners of ENGIE group can check EDD to find necessary elements in order to create a digital platform placed in a precise and defined framework. They will also be provided with shared components of structure to be respected as well as independent components and modules to be organized in a modular grid according to their needs.


The tools can be used on every platform and brand of the group.

EDD items are made to be modular. They are shaped in a way that makes them adaptable to different environments (mobile website, desktop, application). The issue was to keep the brand consistent and to offer dedicated experiences according to different ecosystems.


Application of the defined rules.

In order to make these new UX and design principles easy to apprehend by internal and external users, we have applied the rules of usage on concrete cases with different purposes. The first one, ENGIE particuliers France, has a commercial position while the second one named ENGIE Corporate Belgique has a corporate vocation.


Pauline & Simon

Pauline and Simon have worked together first on the user experience, the modularity of the content and on the structure of the guide. They have conceived key elements and wireframes from the general navigation to the definition of the graphic style. Then, Pauline has designed all the components, concrete cases and the guide in itself.

Pauline Osmont

Lead UX Designer

Thanks to her international experience in the UK and the Canada, her UX and UI skills and vision are recognised and proven.

Simon Gomez

Digital Producer

After working at Publicis, this technology enthusiast blogger shares his vision of the new digital practices to spot innovations and opportunities of tomorrow.

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